Bad Storage message when trying to recover server

So right off the bat…I’m not very knowledgeable about all of this, but need some direction and help if possible.

I have a WD Sentinel DX4000 with four 3TB hard drives. Sunday morning I came into the office and the server was down with the message on the LCD screen that said “Startup failed 0xD9” Took it down to a local computer shop, they said they are not seeing anything on the hard drive partitions. The unit is set up in RAID format.

Reached back out to WD and with guy who setup the servers years ago. Tried to do the system recovery using the USB stick in the back of server. After the initial “RECOVERY INITIALIZING” message on front screen I get message of “STORAGE BAD” on it.

So, WD telling me that I need to send hard drives off to a data recovery company. Would like to avoid that if possible, but don’t really know of any other options. So, any input would be helpful. I want to recover the data if possible.

You can google raid recovery software. You will have to get 4 usb caddy’s or adapters to conect all 4 drives to a worker pc. Most of the raid recovery software will let you see if your data is there for free. And then you pay to drag and drop.

WD cannot help you


So I remove the RAID hard drives from the unit. What do i connect to the back of the hard drives?

I have the 4 USB caddy.

connect to the back of the hard drives?
They go in the caddy connected to a local pc
whatever recovery software you are using should have instructions