DX4000 Sentinel Device Failure and Recovery

Good day

I have a Sentinel DX4000 running 4 HDD Raid 5 which has stopped working. I have bought a second hand unit from ebay and i would like to boot up the unit but i am not sure if i need to do a reset or recovery first. The second hand unit i bought is running 2 HDD in a Raid 0 format and is operational. Do i need to use the recovery image or do i need to reset the unit (to reset raid configuration) before i boot up? I am not sure of teh correct procedure and i am worried that the DX4000 will make changes to the raid 5 when it boots up.

Thanks in advance

Well the raid info is on the discs so resetting the ebay box would not make a difference. That said I honestly do not know if there actually are firmware updates for the DX. The recovery ISO’s are for the OS itself. So I do not think putting the ebay box on the same level recovery ISO as the old box would make any difference at all. Perhaps if you contact WD support they may have a definitive answer.

All that said, if you do not have a backup and need the data it might be prudent to make a copy of your data first with a raid recovery solutions such as this. There are several, just google raid recovery software

Also your old box, you sure it is bad hardware the reason the got another unit? It does not lite up at all when powered on?

Hi Gramps, thanks for the info. I plugged in the HDD’s and it booted up. The old unit is completely dead.

Yea Boyz. I bet you are grinning from ear to ear LOL
That is how it is supposed to work with a replacement box but it is a computer so you just never know.
Again, congrats. Now make a Backup :slight_smile:

Yeah will do asap! :wink: