Data Recovery Problem!

I have a Mybook Live 2TB. I accidentally erased an entire lifes worth of files, photos, etc… No joke! I have not written on the drive once I realized this error. I purchased recovery software (Data Rescue PC3) and it wont work on networked drives. So, I have broken into the MyBook box, purchased a powered SATA adapter and plugged it in USB to begin the scan. Now, it says that it wont recognize the drive/File System. HELP!!! Anyone with ideas or is there a driver I need? Or…??? Thanks in advance!

And BTW, the drive itself is a WD20EARS (2TB). I assume I am not the only person to plug this model of hd direct as it’s a commonly sold unit. Thanks again for any assistance!

I’m sure it recognizes the drive just fine – it’s probably just not recognizing the EXT3 / EXT4 partitions.

alsjbh7921 wrote:

 Now, it says that it wont recognize the drive/File System…

You drive is not recognized try Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery which can recover data from an unmounted drive. The software is read only and efficient in recovering deleted or formatted data from your mac upto 4 TB