Pls! need help! computer recognizes HD but it doesnt show on "my computer" :-(

hello everybody!!

I really need help with my  3TB “my book” HD.

I have it for less then a year and it didnt have problems, until now…

when I plug it into my pc (win7 os) it shows it on the “safe to remove…” but I cant see it on “my computer”

plus, on “manage” it says I need to format the drive… and doesn’t have drive options like “assign drive letter” etc…

but I have alot of data there!! I cant lose it… :frowning:

what can I do? pls help me…?

10x kindly regards,


Well it sounds like a corruption problem. If you are conidering professional recovery then don nothing. You can try data recovery software Recuva  is free. TestDisk  might fix it. sometimes booting from a Linux Live CD will give you access to copy the data off. You just learned the hard way to never trust important data to just one drive no matter who makes it.


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yeah Joe, u got that right…  I’m sure learning the hard way never to trust a single source as the only backup for my data.

the thing that drives me crazy is that my HD is less then a year old, and that it worked prefectly, until the moment it stopped working…

btw, I tried Recuva and 7data recovery data but none of them recognize my HD…

10x anyway, and if u come up with something, well, I’m open for suggestions… :confounded: