Dashboard unable to connect

Tried to log into the dashboard via wdmycloud and i get this come up

This site can’t be reached

wdmycloud’s server DNS address could not be found.

I tried connecting via ip address and get the following message

{“key”:“notFound”,“message”:“Not Found”}

any help appreciated

Are you trying to open the Dashboard or do you want to sign in to files.mycloud.com? Are you able to provide an image of the sign in box? What device are you on and is it a Windows, Apple etc. and what operating system?

For more information use this link.

Im trying to log into the dashboard on windows 10

Ive looked online at the images of the dashboard and mine dont show like that this is all i can get

Forgot to say its one of the new version`s of my cloud .

What does that mean? Do you have a single bay/single drive My Cloud or a My Cloud Home? They are different devices. If you have the My Cloud Home see the dedicated forums for the My Cloud Home:


MyCloud Home doesn’t have a Dashboard.

Read the user manual.