Dashboard does not work with upgrade to OS 5.0

The device recommended to be updated to OS 5.0. I followed the instructions and learned (after having trouble), that my device is not compatible with th enew OS. The network is running, but I do not get access therough the dashboard. How can I downgrade the system back to OS 3 without loosing data or get access to my device?
Many thanks for your supprt. Marcus

Isn’t there any possibility to reactive the My Cloud Mirror?
(I have access to the system via Putty and ssh!)

Maybe a downgrade through the USB port in th back?

What exactly do you have?

The MyCloudMirror is nominally capable of running OS/5.

If you can SSH into the unit. . .that means you can verify all the data is there?

How much data is on the drive? More than likely, the drive is attempting to index the data. The MyCloud Mirrors struggle with the gloriously inefficient indexing process. It could LITERALLY take a week.

During this period. . .the unit will be amazingly unresponsive.

Don’t shut the unit down. . .there have been cases where reboot through initial indexing results in firmware corruption.

To revert back:
The system will NOT boot to a USB. . .so that won’t work.

Basically, you have trash the O/S (and just the O/S) and force a reboot. The unit should boot to the “recovery” firmware. Then you can load whatever firmware you want. Of course, I am GROSSLY oversimplifying. . .and if you get it wrong, you would be hosed.

and remember. . . .no OS/3 device should be exposed to the internet in 2023.

Many thanks for your answer. There is about 1 TB data on the NAS, but I already backuped the data and therefore, I “just” want to restore the system itself.

My biggest problem is not getting access to the dashboard. How can I install the firmware without having access to the dashboard?
How can I “force a reboot”? Pressing more than 40 seconds on the reset button will run the system to the “recovery” firmware? That would help much!

Last, one point: My Cloud Mirror (not Gen 2!) is not supported for OS 5, see:

Just for information:

  1. I could reactive the Cloud by hardware reset (40 s reset) without any hard disk
  2. The system started on OS 5, but it worked
  3. I replaced the hard disks
  4. I formatted the hard disks and the system is still running