Dashboard cloud access ex4

On LAN I can access dashboard by typing local IP into browser. I configured settings/general dashboard cloud access to ON and set access ports 8080 and 8443. I then forwarded these ports on router to the LAN IP of the ex4.

I still cannot access the ex4 while outside the office. I type this into a browser: http://123.456.78.9:8080

Where 123.456.78.9 Is my public or WAN IP.

Am I doing this correctly? We have a webserver running on the same subnet so remote access over the default port 80 isn’t going to work.


This is currently not normally possible for the WD My Cloud and WD My Cloud EX2. I am not aware if this is the case as well for the WD My Cloud EX4.


Where exactly did you “set access ports 8080 and 8443”? I haven’t seen any such setting on my EX2’s dashboard (I know you have the EX4 but the dashboard interface should be very similar).

Key thing is, if on LAN you are using the port 8080 as part of your address when accessing the dashboard and that address works, then your url with WAN IP:8080 will work. If the LAN address does not work that way, then obviously that should tell you your dashboard’s web server is listening on port 80, not 8080.

yes, go to settings/general and turn “cloud Service” to ON, then you will see a “configure” link. I selected this link then get the popup shown here:

Here i tried changing to 8080 and 8443. Then, in a browser on the same LAN and subnet, I tried goign to http://lanip:8080, no luck. I also tried https://lanip:8443, no luck. Both cases just gave “page not displayed”. So, I changed back to the default values of 80 and 443.

A simple workaround, that’s likely more secure:

  1. Create a new subdomain, so: wdbackup.mydomain.com

  2. Create a new DNS A-record for wdbackup.mydomain.com and point to the public IP of your router

  3. At this point, I’m assuming your router already forwards port 80 AND 443 to your web server (on same LAN as ex4)

  4. Create a new virtual host in Apache web server that listens for wdbackup.mydomain.com:80

  5. Create a new virtual host in Apache web server that listens for wdbackup.mydomain.com:443

  6. Setup mod_SSL certs and required directives

  7. setup RedirectPermanent from the :80 virtual host to the :443 virtual host (force all connections to use SSL)

  8. setup proxyPass and proxyPassReverse directives on the :443 virtual host, that pass all traffic to the internal-only, LAN connected EX4 ip address

eventually this ex4 will be located off-site and serve as remote backup server. So, I’ll just fwd port 443 on the remote router to the LAN ip of the ex4, then edit the :443 virtual server on the original LAN to proxy everything to the public IP of the remote router.

-This approach will hide the actual public IP of the remote ex4

-Could also *potentially* hide the actual port of the remote ex4…IF the options in the screenshot would work

-You could also use the apache proxy to filter out requests from unknown IP’s or blocks, send the unknowns into outer space

We could really benefit from the added security of a front-end proxy, but can’t if this feature doesn’t work.

Ok - I suspected as much. I would have left the connectivity options to Auto config instead of Manual config. And then setup port forwardings on your router (for port 80 and 443). And it seems like you already figured out a workaround for the two web sites co-exisitng. I was going to suggest a similar solution but would have been on the EX2…to do a redirect to the other web server depending on the requested query string’s domain name. The web server settings for the EX4 is kept in /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf file. There you can do a redirect similar to what you are proposing but the drawback is it would only be good until the next reboot - as the whole /etc/ directory contents gets rebuilt on reboot so your changes would be lost. But since you figured out a workaround, I think you are better off with that workaround.