Custom Firmware: Light Interface V4 for My Passport Wireless Pro. IS IT TRUSTWORTHY?

Hello WD Community!

For a variety of reasons I was looking into reinstalling Linux on my My Passport Wireless Pro but very quickly realised that it’s going to be a LOT of work, so I changed my mind. :laughing:

I then started searching for custom firmware. I found this: Light Interface V4 for WD Wireless Pro, the description of what they offer sounds really great, but the site ( is a WIX hosted site and I can’t find any reviews or mentions of it on any other forums. I thought I’d check to see if anyone out there has tried this before and can offer some advice on the trustworthiness and the performance of their custom firmware.

In case anyone is wondering, the reasons I wanted to reinstall Linux is that I wanted to include SMB3 support, I’d like to install SVN Apache but, DAV doesn’t seem to be supported even though the modules are loaded, I thought PHP7 and MySQL would be nice too. :grin: The main thing though is the SMB3 support, I don’t like having to enable SMB1 on my laptop.

Modifying/Modified Hardware/Software/Firmware is always risky … especially more so, if they are charging Money for it … which is most probably a Scam.

The only thing i have to backup my comment is … “If it sounds too good to be true, then it usually is”

I know this, too, is quite old, but they do have a youtube channel for the stuff they’re offering, kinda good enough to take a glympse How to perform the WD MyPassport Wireless Pro Mod on a PC running Windows - YouTube