Currys selling blue drives as western digital green (tm)

I bought a drive today and asked for a western digital green. the staff there convinced me that there blue drive was the western digital green drive. on the reciept it says WD GREEN 4 TB 1x0000121467.

I used the drive and then on checking the website saw the actual drive should be green and not blue.

heres the link to there website please see if there miss selling Western Digital Drives.

the manager refused the return and fobbed me off, not that I can return the drive with my confidential data.

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the website shows the green sticker on box but on my box it has WDblue

Hi, that is weird, I have not heard people selling WD Blue as WD Green, actually in my opinion the WD Blue is a better drive than the green.

If you really want to find out exactly what you’ve bought… connect the drive to your PC

download Data LifeGuard Diagnostics and have a look at the Model Number

A Blue 4TB Drive should be Model Number WD40EZRZ (according to WD Spec Sheet)

A Green 4TB Drive should be Model Number WD40EZRX (according to newegg and amazon)

I checked as above with Data Lifeguard Tools its WD40EZRZ-00WN9B0 (ATA)

So its blue. which is so wierd as when you try to find a blue drive on currys they dont even sell the 4tb.

The headline should be other way round.

WD Green are now part of the WD Blue series. WD Green is not a unique color anymore, these models are included in the WD Blue segment now.

almost sounds like a TV Show :smile:

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So what your saying is there is no drive with green sticker denoting a green drive. As the blue is the same model?

Correct, yes