WD Blue drives for My Book Duo upgrade?

Hi, just wondering if anyone has seen information about WD Blue drive compatibility for the My Book Duo RAID enclosures. I know the manuals say to use new Green or Red drives, but the 4TB Green drives I want use say they’ve been replaced with a newer model on Amazon (the Blue variant). I know I’ll need to keep temps in mind, but I wanted to see if any of you knew out there. Thanks for the help!


Accoding to page # 73 of the user’s manual only WD Red and/or WD Green are supported.

“Important: Only use WD Red™ or WD Green™ hard drives to replace the drives in your My Book Duo device enclosure. Also, replacement drives must be new, and the same capacity as the drive that failed. The RAID configurations require both drives to be the same capacity. Using any other hard drive or capacity voids the Warranty for your My Book Duo device.”

Thanks for the reply. I did some testing over the weekend and found out a few interesting things. One- non WD-branded drives come up as “drive not supported” under WD Drive Utilities. Not surprised by this, however it was worth a shot testing out a Toshiba 4TB drive. Two- WD Blue drives do appear to be supported. As luck would have it I had a single WD Blue 250GB drive laying around. I removed both existing drives and popped in the single 250GB in slot 1, powered up the device and I got the attached results. I had to tell the drive to go into JBOD mode since I didn’t have another 250GB to set up a RAID with, but it looks like I might be in business with upgrading to those 4TB blue drives. Anyways, I couldn’t dig up a lot of information on this here or on other forums, figured this information might be useful to someone!

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It looks like WD changed all the Green drives over to being branded as Blue (see link below). As a result, you should be able to use the 5400rpm rated Blue drives (I am going to do just that today).