"current pending sector count" warnings. Formatted, now ok?

Hey guys,

Two WD Blacks had SMART errors with only a few months left on the warranty (thank god for the 5yr warranty!). The 3tb Black had serious failure and had to be re-initialized, thus losing all data. WD sent a replacement after receiving it, so all good there.

The 2tb black had a “current pending sector count” issue reported. I googled it and the results said the drive was about to fail, backup and replace. So I RMA’d it, choosing to get the replacement before sending my defective drive so i could copy everything across. I did that, then formatted the old one and zeroed it out. After this, there are no issues reported, and a sector-by-sector scan reveals no issues. So is the drive actually perfectly fine and I won’t get the RMA approved? Or was the initial SMART errors a warning of it about to fail?

Hi hughwyeth,

You should replace the drive as it reported the error previously. Please refer to the link given below in order to know how to apply for the RMA.

Hi, thanks for your reply Alex. I have already gotten an RMA for it but didn’t want to send it back and then get told it’s ok and get charged for everything! I’ll send it back tomorrow, thanks again!