Current Pending Sector Count

I’m using a WDC WD60EZRZ-00RWYB1 (6TB external drive) that I recently bought, only a few months ago, maybe 6 months ago. I bought this drive to put all my digital stuff on. I’m a videographer and photographer so I need a lot of space. I’ve almost filled it up completely and will soon want to back this drive up.

Yesterday I ran Cyrstal Disk Info and noticed that this external drive has a “Current Pending Sector Count” caution. I don’t know what this means. Is this drive going bad already?

Worried, I ordered an internal drive last night, 6TB WD Caviar Black. When I get that I want to copy everything over to that. Is there a way to mirror that external drive to this internal drive when I get it?

Hi there,

You can try using a cloning software and cloning the entire drive so this way you have a backup of it, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

The Drive’s firmware has noticed that there may be a problem. Sectors on the drive are intermittently reading and fail to be read. If a threshold is reached then those sectors will get reallocated. it is possible that if the suspect sectors begin to read properly then they’ll be taken off the pending for relocation list.

if that drive is still under warranty then after cloning it may be worth while arranging an RMA?

I have since purchased the internal WD Cavier 6TB drive. It’s significantly better than this external drive. I still need to resolve this external drive issue. Please help me know what to do to resolve it. I suppose I need to do an RMA. Is there a way to exchange it for something totally different of equal value? And/or, how do I move forward with the RMA?

Jeff Adams


It might help if you asked on the relevant forum: this is for the MyCloud NAS device, Yours appears to be a simple external or SATA HDD (based on the product code; not many google hits in English for the full code you quoted).