Create USB backup disabled

The USB backup is disabled and rebooting does not bring it back.  This has happened once before right before a internal sever error occurred, and when I rebooted, it came back.  This time around, though, a reboot does not enable it.  Do I need to wait for another internal server error to get it back?

2014-01-17 21_09_02-WDMyCloud.png

Just a quick update.  Finally had to contact WD customer support directly.  I tried everything I could think of including resetting the NAS, but the USB backup is still disabled.  WD could not fix the issue with their level 1 support, and level 2 support is 4 hours ahead of me and available M-F making it difficult to resolve this issue unless I take time off from work.  And what is up with the 10 AM start time for Customer Support?  I do not even have the option to contact them before going to work, and CS is unavailable after 3 PM my time.

This issue has stopped me dead in my tracks with moving forward with using this NAS.   And when I was able to use this feature before it became disabled, about 1 out of every 5 transfer jobs resulted in permission and ownership issues on the NAS which made files and folder deletes impossible.   See other post -  Unable-to-delete-folders-files-permission-denied

I did not want to spend the money, but I am already starting to look around for the next level up on NAS solutions.  Synology comes to mind.  Too bad.  WD as well as so many other companies are failing to provide quality products/service and are apparently outsourcing their development and customer support at the expense of their reputation and bottom line.  But I will commend WD for their involvement with this forum and the helpful contributors who take the time to provide support to users.  

I overall agree, I’m “OKAY” with EX4 on paper the feature set sounds impressive.  But the software/firmware needs to come along way I hold onto it hopeful the software evolves to be much more competitive w/ Synology.

If you were to return the EX4 and look for a different NAS I would consider Synology, Drobo, and especially Ix Systems ZFS based NAS.   

Running an all Mac shop here by far the greatest point of failure is the antiquated HFS+ filesystem.  I much prefer storing my content in ext4, ZFS or btrfs. 

Good Luck 

Thanks for your insight.  I am forced to look around for a possible replacement for the EX4 given that the one feature that would serve me the most, at least with getting my data onto the device, is dead in the water.

I will investigate the alternatives that you mentioned.  Thanks again.