CrashPlan installation for dummies?

I have a brand new MyCloud PR2100 and I also have a CrashPlan for Small Businesses account, using Version 6 of the software. (I used to have a personal account until they changed their service and offered me a business account for a reduced rate.)

I am a complete beginner to NAS and although I’ve read the “Installing CrashPlan for WD My Cloud” guide written by @Ned673 it completely went over my head. I felt a bit stupid reading it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can anyone help to point me in the right direction? At the moment I’m feeling like I’m in danger of putting my files at risk by putting them onto the MyCloud device as I have no adequate way of backing them up to the cloud at the moment.

The guides on the CrashPlan website say I have to mount the drives for them to be seen and backed up. But surely that means my MacBook would need to be switched on in order to back them up? I have several gigabytes worth of data and don’t really want to leave my MacBook on while they back up to CrashPlan.

Also: I don’t have to use CrashPlan. I’d be happy to use another cloud backup service if it’s easier to configure or more compatible with WD MyCloud. Any suggestions if that’s my best bet?


@bg1982 You are in the wrong sub-forum. You may find better and quicker help by posting here.

Here is a link to the User Manual if you need it.