Installing Crashplan

Anyway to get crashplan to run on DL series ? I need this or i probable will return this device

You know that crashplan is a backup software right? You use it to backup your computer data (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux). If you want to install crashplan in the DL series, you can not. Why would you want to install Crashplan in to DL series?

Read the above links help you how to setup the crashplan on Windows, Mac OSX and LInux to backup your data to WD DL NAS series.

Well first of all because i’m replacing WD DL by a headless linux server that was acting as NAS for my home. To be honest i was not expecting so many limitation on the linux distro used in this device.

Having Crashplan installed in the server allows me to set and forget backup jobs, ensuring that all my family files stored in the disk are regularly backed up without having to ensure that one ore more laptops stay turned on, because the disk will take care of the NAS by its own.

Crashplan is much more cheaper than for instance elephantdrive (supported by WD DL) its $60 a year for unlimited storage compared to more than $1000 a year for 1TB, so I think is rather obvious why I prefere one to the other