Copying from private folder to public folder lasts for ever

Hardware is : My Cloud 4 TB, MacBook air

Problem: copying 130GB of pictures from private folder on MyCloud to public folder of same MyCloud drive (remember 4 TB capacity and only 1 TB used) shall last more than 2 days…

Is there a possibility to speed up? Or is WD kidding me?

Any help is highly appreciated

How are you connected to the MyCloud? WiFi (rate?) Ethernet (rate?)
What utility are you using to transfer files? Finder? WD App? Other?

I found last night that File Explorer running on Windows 7 will apparently move files within a mapped drive by some directory shuffling within the MyCloud, not by actually reading the files from the drive to the PC, then writing them back to the MyCloud; a multi-gigabyte move was instant.

If you use the WD desktop app, I think it does in-situ movement of files within the MyCloud, rather than shuffling them back and forth.

macbook air is connected via wlan (50mbit) myvloud via lan (100mbit)…copying via finder…never tried to copy within WD App, but will try out later

In the same local network, it should be a single speed link since it should be a single router. On the other hand, bear in mind we are referring to the actual wireless transfer speed of your router on its own irrespective of your Internet Service plan. If your router works using a 100Mb/s connection then that’s a Megabit connection as opposed to Gigabit. If so, then that’s a significant hardware (Physical) bottleneck.

The quickest copy would be to SSH into the My Cloud and cp the files to the public folder.