Copying to WD MyCloud Home from MacBook Pro

I’m having a serious problem with usability (or maybe a technical problem) with my WD MyCloud Home.

I’m attempting to move my photo archives (I’m a photographer) from the local hard drive on my MacBook Pro to my MyCloud Home via my home network (Wi-Fi first, then Ethernet from the notebook to the router) and I have a peculiar problem. When I move a group of files, the data transfer is reasonably fast until the very end, and then the last tiny bit of data takes forever to complete. Once the files are (finally) finished transferring, the disk seems to disconnect - it doesn’t update the Finder window with the presence of the new files, and if I navigate out of the folder and then back in, the list never populates and the window indicates 0 files, 0 bytes at the bottom. I’m also not able to transfer more files. This resolves itself if I reboot my MacBook Pro - upon remount, the files appear in the Finder window and I can attempt to copy more files, upon which the same thing happens.

I’ve tried using a wired Ethernet connection, Wi-Fi, copying more files, fewer files, single files… nothing makes a difference.

If I’m duplicating a prior question, please feel free to just link me there. It was just something I couldn’t figure out search terms to solve, and I’m not usually one who posts in these forums. Thanks in advance.


I have exact the same Problem with a MacBook.
In this stage it is not possible to work with.