Content Scan: Rebuilding?

This morning I checked my MC and the Content Scan box in the Dashboard states “Rebuilding …” but there has been no additions or deletions from the MC in the past 24 hours. I searched the forum and checked the manual (doesn’t seem to even mention rebuilding) but no luck.

Does anyone have an answer on what this means? And does it take a long time?

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You point to the box in right buttom corner, correct? It’s just an automatic rescan, nothing to be worried about. Time depends on your content stored on the system. As this is a background process, you don’t need to do anything - and you cannot do anything.

[Scanning…] I understand and that is documented. That is typically an index build.
[Rebuilding…] suggests something far more complex and I can’t find any ‘official’ documentation to tell me whats happening. I need that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from documentation, :grinning:

It’s now 7 hours later and it’s still “rebuilding”. Can a WD support staff member please explain what this is?

I should add that the MC is working beautifully! No speed issues and full access to everything.

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Everything seems to be fine, I cannot see any issues.

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Thank you for your help. I think you are right - but I still would like to know the difference between [Scanning…] (mentioned in the manual) and [Rebuilding…] (not mentioned in the manual) just because I like to understand the technology that I own and use.

It’s also good for passing along knowledge to others! :grinning:

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Maybe it’s the word MyCloud uses for refreshing, once everything was scanned and catologized, it’s looking for any changes to rebuild on the end result.


Please note that the WD Community is a user to user community.

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I hope this will help. It comes from the Dashboard>Settings>Media information. See image below.Click on image to enlarge it.


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cat0w, you are right concerning the Twonky Media Server. What Morden2004 is refering to, is the internal indexer. Twonky Media Server (dlna-Streaming) and My Cloud (Cloud-Service) are using different indexing services but both work with same scheme.

“Scanning” is a fresh or scheduled index run, “Rebuilding” is a run that occurs if anything incorrect happened like a broken or inconstant database - or as in our case some issues with nonworking thumbnail generation.

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Cat0w and Joerg_A

That might be the service that is posting the [Rebuilding…] status in the Dashboard — but look at this:

I do not have the Twonky service running!!

And, that [Rebuilding…] is still being reported in my Dashboard - so it has been running (?) for more than 24 hours now.

Other than this one very strange issue, the MC is running as well as it has ever run. No other issues that I can see.


A simple reboot of the MC did the trick. All is well.


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No, this “rebuilding” was not caused by Twonky becuase Twonky Media Server is not connected to the My Cloud Web interface.

Maybe it was a Halloween prank? :sunglasses:

I know it’s an old thread, but mine has been rebuilding for 8 days now and even tried reinstalling firmware!

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HannaWSP, same here.
Did you find a solution?