WD Mycloud - Stuck on rebuilding

Hi Everyone

I could really use some help !!!

My WD Mycloud has locked up on me . I can access it via UI , but the content scan is stuck on rebuild . I have tried -

  1. Removing the power , letting it rest for hours, and re starting
  2. Soft and hard resets
  3. Trying different network leads

Also worth noting, the drive light. It flashes yellow on start up then after a few minutes goes out then no light at all . I also noticed last time it was working that there was no blue light

To be honest Ive had enough of this product, had it for a few years and any time we have a power outage or network issue, its a real pain and takes a long time for it to settle down again . Anyway . . . .

Can anyone suggest what to do ? If I cannot get it going, is it possible to remove the drive and plug it into a drive caddy so I can access the data ?



If you own a WD My Cloud you need to go back to the WD Community and create your topic in the sub-forum for that device.

Hi Gary

Just to clarify - you posted in the My Cloud Home forum rather than the My Cloud forum. You need to change forums with the pull down list in the top right corner. And I have the same problem too so I will be posting.