Connection to Linksys EA 8500 Router

Just bought a new router, but ran out of ethernet connection ports, due to multiple items being connected. However, it appears I can connect MyCloud to the router via USB. Anyone know if this will work, and if so, what kind of cable do I use to connect it?

Router diagram is at On page 81.

Would it simply be connected via a USB male to USB Male connection? Seems simple, but I couldn’t find documentation on it.

Thanks a bunch for the help.


No you cannot connect the My Cloud to your router (or another computer) via USB. The My Cloud USB port is a host controller. As such you can only connect external USB hard drives and similar devices to the My Cloud USB port.

The solution when you run out of network ports on the main router/gateway is to obtain/buy a switch or hub to expand the number of ports. In a pinch one can use an old or unused router as a basic switch/hub by disabling the old/unused router’s DHCP server and connecting the first router to the second router’s networking port rather than the WAN/Internet port.

Network switches are not expensive today, even for gigabit switches, but it pays to shop around. Get a switch that matches your new router speed, especially get a gigabit switch if your new router is that speed. You can even gang the network switches together if you need even more ports in the future. I have three hooked together in Entertainment cabinet with no problems.

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