Connecting MyBook 4TB to PC via USB-Hub

I recently acquired my first WD external drives - 1 My Book 4TB and 1 My Passport Ultra 2TB. I now have more 3.0 capable HDs than I have ports. I’m wondering if it is possible to connect the My Book via a 3.0 capable hub. Particularly what are the power connection rules. The Book 4TB has its own power supply, the Passport 2TB doesn’t. The other drives I have also are a mixture, generally the larger drives do and the smaller ones don’t.
Are there any problems with connecting a powered drive to a powered hub?
Is it okay to mix powered and non-powered drives on the same hub?
Is there anything else I need to watch out for?


I believe you should take a look at the links below:

had 2 wd my book externals plugged into usb 3.0 hub. they kept dropping out- disappearing, and then reappearing (at the most iopportune ties) and driving jme crazy. Plugged the usb hub into a usb 2 socket and alls well. somethings screwy with the usb 3 interface- there seems to be some kind of power controller there