Connection problems with powered USB 3.0 hub

Hello everybody.

I have 3 Western Digital portable drives.

1TB Western Digital My Passport Essential P/N: WDBACx0010BBK - 01
1TB Western Digital My Passport Ultra P/N: WDBZFP0010BRD - 05
2TB Westen Digital My Passport Ultra P/N: WDBBKD0020BBY - 05

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T450 with 3 usb 3.0 ports.
I have a Sandisk powered usb 3.0 hub.

At first I had no problems and all the drives where working on the usb hub.

Now I can’t seem to connect any of them anymore through my powered USB hub but they do work when I plug them in the ports of the laptop itself. After fiddling around switching ports connecting and disconnecting out of nowhere they started working again on the USB hub. But after shutting down my computer today and trying again no harddisks where to be found.

The 1TB Essential doesn’t work at all on the hub anymore.

If I plug the 2TB Ultra to the powered hub and I click to open to see the contents it takes a looong time to show anything and then when I see the folders inside the drive and I click them they won’t open and it just stays in the root.
Plugging this drive directly into the laptop resolves this problem.

As for the 1TB Ultra, when I plug it into the hub I get a message saying that I need to format the disk. When I plug it directly into the laptop it works fine.

All drives work fine on my older thinkpad, so the drives themselves are fine.

Could anybody please explain me a good route to troubleshoot this?
Thanks a lot!


Take a look at this link. Hope it helps

Already checked all of that. The USB hub I have is from Transcend and after contacting their support I found out it supplies 5v 900mA on the outputs so that couldn’t be the problem.
Any other people who can help me troubleshooting this?
Thank you


I am also experiencing this issue. My WD Passport Ultra 1tb functions properly when connected directly to my ASUS Transformer t100a laptop, but when I connect it through my TRANSCEND powered USB Hub model TS-HUB3K it is not functioning. The drive is stuck in the root folder or states there is a fatal error on the drive.

Did you end up finding a resolution to this problem?