Does WD My Book 4 TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive work via a powered USB hub?

I’m considering purchasing a pair of WD My Book 4 TB USB 3.0 external hard drives to use with my Mid-2011 iMac (which has only USB 2.0 ports).

I’m going to be a bit short on USB ports, so I was planning on attaching them to the iMac via a 7-port, 12V 3A powered USB 3.0 hub. Obviously I woudn’t get the USB 3.0 speeds, but I’m sure I’ll be upgrading hardware within the lifetime of these drives… ;¬)

My only concern is that in the description of the powered USB hub I was planning on buying (an Anker USpeed) it says “Some USB 3.0 devices require a direct connection to host USB 3.0 ports. (eg: Superdrive and some WD hard drives)”

Now I know the official line from WD is very likely to be “Don’t use hubs - plug in directly,” and that’s fine. But before I splash out, I wondered if anyone had any practical experience of running this particular external hard drive through a powered hub? Am I likely to run into problems?

Any advice greatefully received.


Hopefully some other Users will shed some light from personal experience, as your guessing towards WD’s approach to USB hubs is correct.

My own personal experience related to OSX + anything USB 3.0 has not been positive though. I often find myself replacing USB 3.0 cables with USB 2.0 cables just to get some drives to work. Different brands as well.