Connect-Eject My Book Essential USB 3.0


I have uninstalled Smartware and will use it as any other external USB for storing backup images of my system and misc. files.

Now without Smartware the power button does obviously not work so when I shut down I just use the standard “eject safely” option in the tray (Windows 7). Then I do not power the drive off. When I am done for the day I just shut off the PC. Then unplug the My Books power cord from the wall.

When I shut my older USB disks off, I unplug the USB cable after a safe eject and the drive shuts down even if the drives power cord is till plugged in. Problem is that it’s a 2.0 hub so I have to connect the My Book on the back of my computer and I really don’t feel like crawling behind the desk every time.

Is this a safe procedure?

On boot I have the My Book already plugged in (both USB and power supply) On any other I wold have power on but plug the USB cable in after the computer has finished booting. Same question, are there any drawbacks or is it safe?

Even if you leave the power cable connected, the my books should go into sleep mode after a while of not being used, even if you see the front light on, the internal hard drive should stop spinning. As long as you always turn off the PC or safely eject the my book before ejecting it, you should be alright.