How to Store WD My Book and How to Disconnect it from PC , + Passport Disconnection Question


Where/how to store My Book  when it is not in use? Can dust damage it? Should I keep vertically or horizontally or doesn’t matter? In a box or it can stand without a box? And is it better to leave a USB cable attached to a book all the time?

I don’t understand how to turn off my book. With my passport it is much easier.

SmartWare is installed. I press safely remove hardware > eject my book or from wd quick view > safely remove book USB,

then it disappears from the disks list but light in it stays,

then I press and hold power button for some 5 seconds, then it turns off completely

then unplug it from power and then disconnect from PC USB.

Is it correct? It is not written in manual at all. Or I can simply press power button without safely disconnecting book first?

What will happen when I will disconnect book or passport when it cannot be safely removed from PC, sometimes it writes a message that it cannot be disconnected. If no copying/back up process is going? Is it OK if simply turn it off?

And why computer sometimes after disconnection with book & passport repeatedly awakes from sleep mode? Until I clean all temp data computer cannot normally be left  in sleep mode.

Dust should not affect the drive considering the enclosure will get must of it and the drive inside is sealed.

To turn off the drive, safely remove and then unplug from both power and computer.

If in any occasion you can not safely remove a drive, make sure all of the files or processes that involved the drive are closed and then retry. If you still can not safely remove, you can turn off the computer and then disconnect the drive.

In regards of the computer waking up from hibernation, looks like a process did not finish properly and this is why it goes back to normal when you clear all temp data.

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Thanks, really helpful articles.

If wd passport portable is so fragile why wd did not include a special protective case for safe transportation. I’ve seen in Internet other manufacturers portable drives and they come with a nice case.

For example  when transporting passport I put into transparent bag with air from other package those that are used for shipping important things. Are there any protective skins or cases for my passport SE 1 TB, would like to have one.

Do I have to unchecked windows indexing only for My Book drive or for all disks in windows. Is it dangerous?

I understand.

We have caring cases for our portable drives. There is one that is impact resistant and comes handy to protect the drive for people that travel a lot.

Check the links bellow for more information:

We only recommend to unckeck the indexing when having issues while safely removing. Otherwise is not necessary.

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Already ordered a nomad.  Because sometimes I need to carry passport riding a bicycle. Only in black :cry: