Computer can see files but wont play them on net work share

I had wdlvie up and running for a week no problem. but now when i use file sharing it logs me in and i can see all my movies. but when i try to play them i get that blue circle that just spins around and around. sometime

the first movie will play normally (tested for 20 mins, havent had the time to watch the whole thing) some time it will play a second movie if you switch right away. but after that nothing will play just get the blue circle going around,

Last night i shut off my modem and router dlink  dir  615. but i reset to all the same setting and my computer and wdlive both see each other but cant play the movies. i tried resting the wdlive, but not sure if it reset as it kept my  login and password for my network share.

I have no idea what to do, it tokk me a long time to get it  to work and now it don’t. if anybody can please help me it would be greatly appreciated

on a side note this is why i sold my ps3 and did not use media server on the wdlive, cus the could see each other but could not play files.

thanks in advance for any ideas

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Most likely the movie you played is a “bad” MKV file – if so, you can fix the problem by deleting that file (and not playing any other “bad” ones) or fix the file by running it through MKVMerge 4.0 or earlier.

If it’s not an MKV file then write back here and we’ll explore some other possibilities.

hi,i have a similar problem.the wd live plus player can see the films in file management.but when i go to play them it only sees the smaller files eg xvid and video clips.but it wont see the larger wmv files.these files are on my pc hdd which i have connected to the wd player through a ethernet i need to install some special software on my pc?

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You ARE using Net shares, correct?  You aren’t selecting Media Server instead?

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hi ,im a newbi and was not using network shares,i will try that and get back…thanks for your help

hi,everything is working great on network shares,thanks again

thanks  Mike. so that i understand you correctly. If you play a bad mkv file after then you try to play the good ones they wont work, cus the first one was a  bad one?

When it stops working. if i power on/off the wdlive. it will play the first and sometimes second mkv and then it wont play again. I tested it with mkv files that worked before, but the same thing  It wont play any more files after the first or second. It also wont play any small files  divx/xvid after it played the first ones.

If there making a new kind of mkv file, one would hope in the near future wd would bring some firmware to address this ???

If anyone else has this problem please post it in this thread.,

mike70sk:  Yes, it’s a known issue; the BETA firmware fixes it, but a new version should be publicly available soon.

Right – and in the meantime you can fix any “bad” ones by simply running them through MKVMerge 4.0 or earlier (there are links to this version on the forum).  It takes only a few seconds and is painless .

(You can also fix it with a later version of MKVMerge, but then you have to go into each track and turn off header compression, so it’s safer and easier to do it with an earlier version).