WD TV Live Media Players & Network Shares

Hello all. Over the past year or so I have accumulated 4 WD TV Live media players ranging from the original HD unit to the most recent version of the box I bought last week. All of these are just the players and not the NAS version. I have had a problem with every unit to include the one I just bought in accessing network shares. For some reason the media players seem to lose the ability to play my video files (predominantly .mkv files) sporadically after a few days. I am able to successfully access the network share folders on my NAS every time but once I try and play the selected video file, I get the “working” icon on the screen but the video never launches. All of my players have the most recent firmware available and seem to work fine for all other types of media… just not video files. The only way I can get the video files to work again is to either reset the media player to the default settings or the method I typically choose which is to unplug the power cord from the player and then reattach it. This works 100% of the time in resolving my issue. However, I’m a lazy a__ and don’t want to continue to do this forever.

I’m not sure what all info this community typically needs to try and diagnose problems so I’ll detail below my basic setup. Thanks in advance!

My home is wired for Cat6 and all media players are hard wired to my home network.

Seagate NAS110 Network Attached Storage Drive (connected to router in home office)

WD TV Live Media Players (4 total, all have same issue)

All video files have intermittent issues playing

I have found that the best way to play the mkv files I have made (from blu-rays used to create a high quality mkv file)  is to play them from a hard drive directly connected to my Live Plus.  Playing them via the excellent wired network I have is sometimes problematic for certain mkv files; meaning stutter, jutter, and just not good video.  I think there is just too much data being moved through the network (wired or wireless) and logjams occur; especially with mkv files of the very highest quality.   

As for how the standard DVD iso files perform for me:  fine, no matter how they are transmittted.  They work well wired, wireless, and directly from the HD.  Again, these files are also on a HD connected to the Live Plus for best delivery.

Perhaps we are asking too much from our WDTV gadgets when we push them (or our network) too hard. 

Put some of the mkv movies you have problems with on a HD you can connect directly to the WDTV player and see how they do.  If they play fine, then that would indidate to me that is the best way to play them, and not via the network.

I dont really understand why it should play better that way because an ethernet port is faster than USB 2.0.  Any way I am getting a Pogoplug Series 4 and am just curious at how the WD TV is playing videos through Network Shares.


I don’t think the quality of video delivery has much to do with there being a USB 2 port in the picture.  I just think there is less “electronics” in the way when a video is ported directly into the WDTV from a (fast) HD than via the home network, be it wired or wireless delivery.  All I can say is I find that direct hookup is best for me.

Interesting that you mentioned getting a Pogoplug Series 4 – I, too, took advantage of the recent sale and mine is on the way, too.  Just a few weeks ago I put their Premium software on my Win 7 computer, and today, I put it on my XP computer and have been testing the two together out tonight. 

It is a pretty slick program, but not without its glitches.  I have “made friends” with a support person there who has become my personal guru of sorts, and the two of us are trying to figure out how to work with (or around) the glitches, and/or just get them fixed!  I think pogoplug cloud software works better on Apple products at the present time, and they need to get it fixed right for Windows.

Anyway, we ought to stay in touch regarding our new Series 4 units, so I bookmarked this conversation so I can find you again!  I am curious how it will work with the WDTV in the picture as well, but only as it relates to accessing and playing media from outside my home network.