Complete Noob Question

I’m wondering how to install new custum theme. I read all I should do is:

  1. Connect your WDTV LiveHub with your computer and surf to the harddrives root.
  2. Here you should see a “.wd_tv” folder.
  3. Copy the whole theme (e.g. “Anodized”) folder into “.wd_tv\theme…”
  4. At the LiveHub go to Settings/Apearance/User Themes Interfaces.
  5. Make sure the theme location is set to Local. (red remote button)
  6. Select the Anodized theme and your are ready.
    Note: You can always roll back to default the Theme

Is that it?

That looks pretty much it.

When I browse to mine via this path


yoiu should see the theme folder to pop your theme into  

The .wd_tv is a hidden folder, so make sure your computer does show them.

All good and clear, problem is I can’t USB connect the hub to neither with a pc running XP, neither to a mac.

Is this normal?

You can’t directly attach the Hub to a PC or Mac via USB.

You need to access it over the network.

Wi-fi Dongle is attcched and set up ready to run. All service are working and it connects to the internet smoothly.

However the hub doesn’t come up in my Macbook Tiger’s finder.

Why is that??

I noticed I can access the hub on my other mac running Leopard. Although the .wd_tv folder doesn’t show up…

Also are you aware of any connectivity issues affectind OSX 10.4.11?

I only have limited experience with Snow Leopard, don’t know anything about Leopard or earlier (Tiger?).

Here’s a thread on another forum about viewing all files in Finder:

The .wd_tv folder is hidden.  Following the guidance in the linked thread should reveal all hidden folders.

The issue with OSX 10.4.11 may be the Samba version being so out of date it’s not communicating with the Hub correctly.