HOW-TO Load/Select Custom Theme

I figured this post was needed…a cut-n-paste from ANODIXED theme page.  Since I’ve not done yet perhaps more comments on how-to, any tricks, gotchas, etc.


How to install the theme manually:

  1. Connect your WDTV LiveHub with your computer and surf to the harddrives root.
  2. Here you should see a “.wd_tv” folder.
  3. Copy the whole “Anodized” folder into “.wd_tv\theme…”
  4. At the LiveHub go to Settings/Apearance/User Themes Interfaces.
  5. Make sure the theme location is set to Local. (red remote button)
  6. Select the Anodized theme and your are ready.
    Note: You can always roll back to default the Theme

Q: Why do I not see the “.wd_tv” folder at my root?
A: This folder has hidden attributes. To make it unhidden you may read this short how to:

Q: “Show hidden files & folders” are ON but there is still no “.wd_tv” folder?
A: Your LIveHub hasn’t created it yet. To do so, go to “User Themes Interfaces” and download the sample “legacy.theme” through WDs online theme server. Use red remote button to switch from “Local” to “Online”.

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Thank you for the guide.

Thanks for this :slight_smile:

you don’t have to show the hidden .wd_tv folder to get there, you can browse to the box and add .wd_tv in the address bar.