Compatibility of Bur Sur ^ Monterey with G-Speed Studio XL 64 Tb drive

Has anyone encountered problems with compatibility between your 64 TB G-Speed Studio XL after upgrading to Big Sur and/or Monterey? I’m terrified to lose connection between my iMac which I use for PS and LR photo developing and my photos.

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Hi, Please refer to the following Drive specification PDF:

Also, Western Digital is in the process of validating compatibility for Western Digital solutions with macOS 12 Monterey.

We will be updating our support website with latest information as it becomes available.

Just received a new MacBook Pro M1 Pro with Monterey. My 24TB G-Speed Studio XL will not mount (note: the G-Speed Studio XL does power up when plugged in to the M1 Pro MacBook Pro).

The 24TB G-Speed Studio XL is working fine with my old intel MacBook Pro (non-Monterey).

I am using a Belkin TB2 to TB3 dongle to connect the G-Speed Studio XL to the intel MacBook Pro and M1 Pro MacBook Pro.

The Belkin TB2 to TB3 dongle is compatible with the M1 Pro MacBook Pro / Monterey. How do I know?

I am using the Belkin dongle to connect a TB 2 Lacie drive (i.e., the TB2 Lacie drive will mount and the M1 Pro MacBook Pro can read/write to the TB2 Lacie drive via the Belkin dongle).

I really need to get the G-Speed Studio XL working with my new silicone MacBook Pro / Monterey.

Any idea when you might have some statement on compatibility? And a solution?


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Some traffic with Support here: G-Speed Shuttle SSD / macOS Monterey / Apple Silicon M1 Max - #8 by welshofer

Same problem!