Compatibility issues with the My Book Essential 3 TB and the WD TV HD Media Player (Gen 2)?

I have the My Book Essential 3 TB and the WD TV HD Media Player (Gen 2) and they have both had the most recent firmware updates available. When I use the Media Player with other external hard drives it plays all media perfectly without any problems, however when I connect the My Book Essential to the Media Player I get the error message “Storage can not aggregate” and a message saying “There is no media in the current folder” whenever I try to open it.

This is very frustrating as the Media Player works fine with my other external hard drives (some of which are also made by WD), and the My Book Essential works perfectly when connected to my computer, I just cannot understand why the two do not work together.

Is there a compatibility issue with these two devices, and could it be fixed by an upcoming firmware update for either the My Book or Media Player?

Try posting in the TV section you may find more help there.


Hi there, the 3TB drives are not working with the WDTVs right now, not even with the Live Hub.

I guess there’s not much you can do on this…