Seems I may have made a mistake

I have a WD TV HD Media Player (Gen 1) and have bought a WD My Book World edition to run with it. The My Book works fine on the netwrok, but trying to connect the two  and I am not getting the WD TV HD Media Player (Gen 1) to see the storage when i link the two via USB.

Any help?


Have you tried re-installing the firmware?  Also, are you putting the files in the right place.  I had the same problem when I first got my 1 TB.

Krishna P.

So you now have your 1TB working with the WDTV?  I was gettign the impression it would not work as it was not designed to output through the uSB to the WDTV from another forum.

Do you mean the firmware on the WDTV? I upgraded that yesterday and it sees other hard drives (non networked) no problem.


Yes it’s working beautifully since i got it (mid feb).

I am kind of confused by your last post regermilson.  Did someone on another forum tell you that you couldn’t play a file from your hard drive on your WDTV HD?  If so thats completley wrong since the device has USB inputs.

Which hard drive do you have (size wise)

Krishna P.

The USB port on the WD My Book World Edition (MBWE)  is used to expand the storage of the MBWE.

You can not use a USB cable between the MBWE and a WDTV.

Exchange the MBWE with a WD My Book.