Codec X265

There is a new encoding codec X265 gaining popularity and use ,and I find myself often using handbrake to reconvert to a usable file that will play on my WD Hub. Will there be a possibility of firmware update to accommodate this codec or hardware wont be able to support it?

No, not possible (WDTV uses Hardware Decoding of Codecs supported by the Sigma Soc)

Also, X.265 / H.265 requires a lot of processing power which the the WDTV doesent have.

Here’s the specs of the WDTV Live Streaming (Live Hub is slower)… to put everything into perspective

Sigma Designs SMP8670AD 700 MHz processor with 512MB of DDR2 memory from Nanya

Even more comparsions … Raspberry Pi 2 Quad-Core 900Mhz 1GB Ram can Handle 720p x265 / h265 … but not 1080p x265 / h265

Thanks! I was almost sure that would be the case. Good old Handbrake will be chucking hard.