No Patch to Play New HEVC x265 MP4 Format Processor to slow

I have noticed the steady increase of the HEVC x265 format appearing on Download sites I would really prefer a Firmware Update than to try and find a Live Streaming Media player as I Have not seen a new WD Model that can Play it.
I have been informed the Processor is to slow in the Gen3 firmware won’t help that issue.
WD if you make a new model that will play HEVC x265 you should offer it Half price with a trade in of the older model.
Who Agrees with that Idea would you stay loyal if they offered that I know I would.

not possible via a firmware update

wdtv’s use hardware decoding (not software)

HEVC requires a fast processor to decode (at least quad core) *

wdtv’s are single core 700 MHz processor with 512MB of RAM

  • i have a Raspberry Pi 2 (Quad Core 900 Mhz 1GB RAM) it can decode 720p HEVC but not 1080p
  • also have a Android Box (Octo Core 1.5 Ghz 2GB RAM) decodes 1080p HEVC & 4K fine

I will probably just use nero recode to change the format if I can’t get what I need in x264 I have Nero 2016 Platinum it say it is 4KHD Compliant (fingers crossed).
Thanks for the input at least I know its a matter of Processor speed in the WD Live Ver.3
I hope they do make a New Model I like the WD Interface my technology crippled Mother can just work it out.

An obvious hardware limitation given the age of the device. Even current Blu-ray players cannot play this codec.

I successfully use DVDFab 9 to “Convert” X265 content to an X264 mkv that works fine playing on the WDTV.

And lose quality and inflate the filesize and generally just waste time … when you could’ve just downloaded H.264 media and saved yourself the hassle :neutral_face: