Codec video playback

hi, I’m looking for your product TV player that can read h.264 and x.264 AND h.265 and x.265.

Greetings Luca

WDTV’s Soc (System On Chip) only supports H.264

(Hardware Decoding of H.265 is not possible due to the Soc and Single-Core CPU 700 MHz processor … H.265 needs at least a Quad-Core CPU)

For best playback of H.265 / X.265 … purchase a device that does Hardware Decoding of H.265

eg. Nvidia SHIELD TV or Amlogic S805 / M805 / S806 / M806 / S812

Tankyou very much for your suggestions…

greetings Luca

I purchased the WD TV media player based on the assertion/promise on the box: “Play all your media files on your TV”. As a consumer I would rely on the “all” and expect it to play any video file I could possibly source online. Finding that it won’t play any of my growing library of x265 encoded content, I might - reasonably - expect WD to make good on the promise that it will play “all” my media files, and be disappointed when told that it cannot.

Of course the use of the word “virtually” on the product page - directly under the “Play all your media files” promise - probably mitigates it from a guarantee to a limited best efforts suggestion.

Of course rewriting the blurb to read “Play most of your media files on your TV **True as at product inception date xx/xx/2014” would probably limit sales.

OR you would bother to do what apparently other consumers did: turn the box, and read the codecs acutally listed on the side, h.265 being not one of them.