WDTD live H265 HEVC

when is WD updating the firmware to support  H265 HEVC codec ??

never … because it’s not possible

all wdtv’s … use hardware decoding  (Sigma Chipset)

here are the specs of the Sigma Designs SMP8670AD


so, if H.265 or X.265 is not supported by the chipset … then it is not possible via a firmware update

(hevc decoding needs at least a Quad Core processor … wdtv’s are single core 700 mhz with 512mb of ddr2 ram)

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ok thanks

WDTV Live now officially ■■■■■, I bought the new Amazon fire that came out for 99 bucks and its SOOOO fast and you can talk to the remote. I still keep my wdtv live to play my torrents, but now the new torrents are coming out in this HEVC ■■■■ and it doesnt work so this slow freaking SLOWWWWW box now officially eats it, its worthless now.

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