Cloud backup services support?

I currently use Crashplan to backup my computer and Mycloud, but that service is being retired. The most logical alternatives look like Backblaze and Carbonite.

But, neither appear to work with NAS drives. Is there a way to get these to work with the Mycloud (on a Mac) or another recommended alternative. I believe strongly in offsite backups that are easy and automatic.


i just found this and don’t see any responses…I am sort of astonished there aren’t any cloud backups recommended or documented. I am using this My Cloud Home as an external hard drive and now am struggling to find an easy way to back it up. What did you end up doing to solve this?

I use File Fort to access the Private User Space of the MCH and backup to an exernal USB drive attached to my Windows 10 Laptop over 5 GHz WiFI connection. Not sure about macOS backup software, but File Fort for Windows is

I decided on iDrive. It can back up both local and network (NAS) drives. So far seems to be working well. The price is also competitive to other companies.


this may be a dumb question (and i work with software) but I dont understand how the My Home Personal will work with any backup services, so with IDrive, does it just recognize its “pseudo-mapping”. it doesn’t look like a traditional mapped drive to me.

When you select the files to backup, the MyCloud device shows up as another volume just like your main hard drive. I selected the folders in there to backup.

It recognizes it as a network drive and actually uses two different backup schedules to run. See this (NAS as mapped drive option):

so sorry to be dense, you have the my cloud home product? it doesn’t really map as a NAS (not completely at least). I do see the mapped TimeMachineBackup directory mapped but all of my content like music, photos is not viewable that way.

i think this is an issue with this new “my cloud home”. I have a case open for them to explain to me how i am supposed to back up this content (that only lives on this drive).

In my opinion they designed this to be a backup device not a secondary “external hard drive” type of use that would require it to be backed up (if it crashes i have no other place that my media content lives). It kind of baffles me b/c they pitch it as a media type of storage device, if that is the case most people aren’t storing that stuff elsewhere as well.

Did you mount the share as a network drive? Also to automatically mount it every time you restart the computer you need to set it as a “Login Item”. Here are some simple instructions:

There are others too including some by WD for MyCloud.

Maybe that is why you can’t see it? I use shares I’ve created, not the public one. Once mounted I can select each share and back it up.