My Cloud Home dissappoints. How do I transfer to another NAS?

I bought the WD My Cloud Home 2 months ago and it’s been OK, but that’s it. It can barely do anything, you can not map the drive and have to use WD Discovery app. The read and write speeds are extremely slow too. You can’t manually update Plex and have to wait for WD to release an update for it. (They’re 7 updates behind).

I am now going to get a proper NAS in the Synology DS718+ using 2 10TB WD Red Hard Drives. One thing that annoys me is that I won’t be able to transfer my data directly from the My Cloud Home to the Synology. Synology allows you to map network drives for data import but because of this misguided product I cannot even do that.

For a brand that I have trusted for many years, I have to say that this product was an utter dissappointment and failure.


Hello, Marcos.Silva

Well, I would like to inform you that WD® My cloud home is a PAS (Personal attach storage) device which is designed for home users with simplified usage. All you need a software that helps to map the drive on a host device to make it simpler to those who are not capable of handling the NAS environment, it’s easy to use NAS machine with some limitation.There are certain numbers of shares that you can map it manually i.e Public and Timemachine. WD® do have the NAS drive i.e My cloud (link provided below)

Which will give you all the ability to work with as you can control the entire module via dashboard you can map the drive on the host device and many another thing.

For further information, you can also contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support

How do I transfer my Plex drive from my My Cloud Home to a NAS?
Would I need to use my PC as a middle man or does this ‘‘PAS’’ support direct Ethernet transfer to another NAS?

You can take the backup of the Plex folder from the My cloud home simply copying the data from the My cloud home to an external drive using a mediator i.e your computer. Once it is done you can simply transfer the data from the hard drive to My cloud(NAS).

Must admit after using one for a while now its pretty disappointing for the price and limited functionality, Needless to say my old nas box does a better job. This product should be taken off the market. Very disappointed with WD on this product.


could you expand a bit more please.

I want to use Acronis True Image to back up and the only place I can send the file is the private folder which I cant access on the network or the APP

a real disappointment, as you could avoid for those who want a configuration interface like mycloud, I never buy a mycloud product anymore

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