Cloning a Disk Image to a MyCloud Share?

I have an SSD on my desktop with two partitions, El Capitan Bootable disk, and a High Sierra Bootable disk.

What I want to do is move the partitions, clone them, to a Share on the My Cloud Drive.

On the iMac I was going to use Disk Utility to restore to that share.

However, that share is not showing up as a disk drive in Disk Utility.

I wanted to free up the space of the SSD by copying, cloning those disk images to the MyCloud.

Then is I ever needed to boot from that Share I would restore that share with Disk Utility to a Bootable Drive that I can boot from.

This SSD in on my desktop so Time Machine is not an option.

Comments? Ideas?

When is WD going to have a real replacement for MyCloud?

Use a backup program that has a rescue disk/flash drive capability. Then create a backup of the entire drive to the My Cloud/NAS. From there you can use the rescue media to restore the backup if need be. This assumes the rescue media can access the local network and any NAS on it.

I’ve been using Acronis True Image for years to create backups of Windows PC’s to My Cloud/NAS devices then using the Acronis rescue media to restore that backup when the need arises. WD offers the Acronis True Image for Western Digital (free) for both Windows and Mac. Note: The WD version of Acronis True Image is the basic program and may lack certain features found in the paid version of Acronis True Image.

My Cloud Single Bay Downloads

Acronis True Image for Western Digital for Mac User Manual (PDF download)

How to create Acronis bootable recovery media is on page 23 and 24 (English User Manual link):

Acronis True Image for Western Digital for Mac

So how do I get this app to clone to the WD MyCloud drive. It does not see it in Select Destination Drive.

I used the backup feature to backup El Capitan SSD on the Kingston XS2000 to the share ELCapitan on the WDMycloud. Is a backup like a clone. Not sure what I am doing here???

Is Backup the same as Disk Cloning? Disk cloning does not allow me to select a share on the MyCloud.

How come Back up shows 239.63 GB selected, but El Capitan on the SSD is only using 131.76 GB. How come it is backing up more than the source document.

No. Each serves a different function.

Generally the term “cloning” means you want to duplicate the contents of one hard drive to another hard drive. For example if you are replacing the hard drive with a larger one, or replacing a dead drive.

Where as “backing up” a hard drive generally means you want to make a backup of the entire drive, or one or more partitions, or one or more directories or files to another location. Another explanation of the differences between cloning and backing up from Acronis:

Difference between Backup and Disk Clone

From what you explained you likely just want to create an entire hard drive backup which the free WD Acronis True Image program will do. You can select the entire hard drive or a single partition to backup and the program will backup the selected item or drive to a single backup file. Depending on the backup program and it’s features there may be additional backup options beyond full backup; like incremental backup and differential backup. Then instruct the Acronis program where to save that backup; either on a My Cloud Share (or subfolder within a Share) or to a external hard drive or any other location the Acronis software can access. The Acronis program has the option to create recovery media to boot the Mac and restore the backup file to the Mac hard drive or location. Or to select specific files to recover.

Why did installing the app put Boot OS X, Recovery HD, on my Desk Top.

I can not eject them. They keep coming back.

You will have to ask Acronis, or see their knowledge base, or see their forums as it’s their software.

Try moving the icons to a directory/folder on the hard drive, or selecting them and deleting them from the Mac OS menu bar.