Is the WD MyCloud suitable for this situation?

Hello, I am currently thinking about getting a WD MyCloud for this Situation, is MyCloud suitable for it?:

  • MacBook gets Back-Upped via Time-Machine to the MyCloud
  • Desktop PC gets Back-Upped to the MyCloud via the Windows function “Create a system image” (Article), because I can then completely restore it, when Windows fails in any way

I first thought about getting a WD MyBook, and formatting it to 2 Partitions(2TB Windows, 2TB Mac) but I think it isn’t that good for this situation because I would need to reconnect it over and over again.

Also: Is it better to create a full system backup with the “Create a system image”-Tool in windows or the WD tool (if I want to have a complete backup of my C:/ drive, including Windows, Programms(including Product Keys from e.g. Adobe CS6), etc.).

Thanks for your answers

You can download and read the My Cloud User Manual which will answer most of your questions and explain how to use the various features and options of the My Cloud.