Clicking noise | Corroded PCB

Hi everyone,

I have a WD10JMVW used as an external drive that stopped working during file transfer the other day. Windows recognizes the disk but won’t show the content. Clicking noise never stops. I saw heavily corroded contacts on the PCB and thought the PCB might be the problem and decided to replace it. Hovewer, people believe clicking noises usually stems from a physical damage to the head & platter system. I wonder if it’s always the case or I should purchase a replacement PCB and try my chance.

The data inside the drive does not worth the money to be paid to recovery companies. All I can do at home is replacing the PCB. Should I go for it or say goodbye to the disk.

Thanks in advance.

You can see the PCB here:

You can listen to the sound it makes here:

Hi afaruky,

Sometimes such issues are caused due by external USB adapter used to connect internal drive as an external hard drive. You should connect drive directly to the computer and run Data Lifeguard Diagnostic Test to test the health of the drive.

Thanks for your reply. However, the USB connector is fused to the drive. It’s not possible to connect the SATA cable directly.

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Hi afaruky,

Unfortunately, in order to check the test result it is required to connect it directly with computer.