WD Portable 1TB keeps rebooting after clicking sounds

hey guys,

my external hard drive was working fine, didn’t even move it, I just unplugged it, rebooted my Mac and plugged it in again and since then its not working anymore. It keeps starting up, wenn I plug it in, keeps running, but at a certain point there’s a clicking sound it stops running and starts this process all over again. It keeps rebooting every time after this distinctive clicking sound. When I run the disk utility app of Mac it’s listed, but its not accessible, its listed as unactivated, theres even a button to activate it, but its not working.

Ive tried another cable to give it more power, didn’t work. Ive tried it on other Macs and Windows computers, same problem, clicking sound and rebooting. Ive consulted a couple of data saver shops, just to hash out what the problem could be, before handing it in (because Im a student and its really expensive, wanted to check first, if I can handle it myself). One said the USB connector is broken and since theres no other way to access the drive without the USB connector (I can’t just get the drive out of the case and use another external drive case with another USB Connector, since the drive is built in a way, that the USB connector is soldered right onto the hard drive board without the typical S-ATA connectors).

Ive got no guarantee so sending it in, is no option. Did anyone encounter this problem already and has a solution?



Hey @raoul.lazar

If a USB HDD makes clicking noise, its a sign of Hardware failure. Click Here for more information.

The best thing to will be Data Recovery. Click Here for list of Data Recovery companies.