Changing internet service provider

I have a mycloud that is working perfectly but I am concerned because I am about to switch internet providers to get faster download speeds. Is that going to mess up the mycloud device? Will I need to change any settings? Is there anything I will need to do after the change to ensure mycloud continues to work? As you can see, I’m not tech savvy at all so any help would be appreciated.

Do you own your router and will you continue to use it? How about a modem, do you own one or will you use theirs?

If you don’t have to change routers and don’t change anything on it you should not have any problems.

You may have to open the appropriate ports on the router.

You will have to turn cloud access off, and back on again, to re-establish connection.

I do own my Netgear router but I’m renting a Century Link modem which will now be a Comcast/Xfinity modem.

Okay. Thanks. Hopefully everything will go smoothly.