Changing from My Home Cloud Duo to My Cloud EX2 Ultra

Hello everyone,

I am a new here could anyone help me?

I have My Home Cloud Duo 4TB and I bought recently My Cloud EX2 Ultra 8TB.
Could anyone say or suggest, how to copy or move the data to the new Nas Cloud EX2 Ultra???
For Example: Can albums be copied to the new cloud.
I have only Photos and Videos including many Albums.

I hope to find here an experience.

Thanks in advance…


@Borhan You may need to use File Explorer (Samba) to transfer your file. There is no compatible app on Ex2 Ultra and My Cloud Home that you can use to transfer the data over.

Regarding the Albums, Albums are a unique logical pointer to a collection of content and is not a physical folder or object that can be copied to another device.
It works the same as Shared Content via links
So migrating from MCH to MC will remove the Albums configurations as well.

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Thanks very much for the reply…