Help with migrating from one EX2Ultra to another


First-time caller, long-time listener. I’ve scanned the message threads here and haven’t found any current solutions, but here’s my problem – any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated:

I use my MyCloud EX2 Ultra as both a Time Machine ™ backup device, and for storing all of my photos and video content (tens of thousands of files). Over the past two years, I’ve spent a LOT of time creating albums and curating content for use with MyCloud and PLEX, but ran into a problem with one of the drives last month in my existing NAS.

The problem is this: While all I needed was a single bad drive replaced, WD saw fit to send me a whole new NAS, so now I temporarily have two of them. I have been advised to use Finder (I’m on a Mac running Ventura 13.1) to basically drag and drop to copy content from the old NAS to the new NAS. That’s easy enough, albeit time-consuming, to do.

The problem comes when all of that hard work I’ve put into my media library might have to be thrown out since WD tech support has twice told me there’s no mechanism to port all of the MyCloud metadata (picture captions, album names, etc.) over when copying data. This seems like a gigantic deficiency, in that there’s no migration tool to do this! (This is kind of why I had hoped I was only getting a replacement drive when the one went bad, because then I figured, if I just swapped out the bad drive in the original NAS, at least the one disk would automatically replicate itself onto the new drive.)

My question is, since I have no desire to waste hours of my life hand-rebuilding all of my albums, is there a way to find and extract/port over some database file from the old NAS to the new NAS which will effectively resuscitate all of my albums in a relative easy way? That is, when I set up MyCloud on the new device (I’m not able to do that right this moment), the albums just sort of reappear as they exist on the old/current NAS.) I have seen some old threads where people found files like ‘wdmc.db’ in some hidden root location, but I can’t seem to access or find anything like that yet. I’m convinced that this can be done, and the worst that would happen is that I have to make a few tweaks to get me back up to where I was prior to having to cut over to a new NAS.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @mdfeher,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Thank you very much! I have not done that, but I will try that approach. I really feel that there is a way to do this, and I’m an advanced enough user where it shouldn’t be hard to do.


My gosh = > what a helpful answer you got!

  1. Better way:
    a) Hook up new EX2 and set it up. (you can copy over setup files using an option under “settings”
    b) Copy files over using your favorite method (I personally like Windows drag and drop)
    b i) You REALLY want the PC managing the copy on a WIRED not wifi connection to the network.
    b ii) As an alternative, you can use SSH (combo of NOHUP and Rsync) to copy data.
    c) Go to the PLEX forums and find out where they stash the plex configuration/media files; and make sure they get copied over.

  2. Easy way:
    a) Remove bad drive from old EX2
    b) Remove one new drive from new EX2
    c) Take new drive, and put it into old ex2
    d) you should get a message of some sort to “rebuild” raid array.
    e) wait a day.

Drive-swapping voids the warranty on both devices.

say what? Putting a fresh drive (to replace a failing drive) into a unit is a primary use case for these devices.