Change the local dropbox folder to sync

I tried searching but I didn’t see anything.  It seems I could only select the Public folder to have my dropbox folder.  I would like to use my own choice OUTSIDE of the public folder as I only want to limit the access to myself and not anyone else who can access my network.  Can I even do that?  If not then the dropbox sync is pointless and useless to me.  Thanks.

Hello, Welcome to the WD Community. You can change the location for the Dropbox sync folder in the configure section for the app. 

bump to follow; i have the same issue and several disappointments with this product. 

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It doesn’t allow me to select any folder OUTSIDE of the PUBLIC folder.  It only shows the PUBLIC folder and any folder under that folder.  I can’t select any other folder I create.

It’s very straight forward. If you go into the App section of the GUI, select Dropbox, and then you will see in the setting “Local Synch Folder”. Select “Browse” and a popup will display all shares on the EX4. If you can only see “Public” in this list, then you haven’t setup your shares properly (permissions probably).

I have the same problem.

I can’t even see Public folder.


This is a bug for sure, I have like 20 shared folders including Public. At very least it should show public folder here.

In addition, it would be great if the selective sync does not include the files outside folders in dropbox, or atleast give us the option to include them or not.

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Ah ok, I changed admin to full write access to my folders and I can select any folder it has write access to now.

I’m glad to hear that.

It seems that my problem and yours is different, I’ll post my problem in a new thread.

I have the same problem. I can change the dropbox folder to my preferred folder, but if I do so, it can only sync one first subfolder in my dropbox and then pause.
Do anyone have the same problem?