Change default mapped drive to something other than Z:

Just got my new My Cloud Drive Home and have it up and running. Installed Discovery and see that it created a mapped drive automatically on my new drive.

I’d like to know how I can change it so that the drive letter is not Z: by default. I’m used to having either K: or M: used for my NAS content and would like to use one of those drive letters for this new device.

Anyone know how I can change it?

I do not think it can be changed. I have 2 My cloud home devices and one takes z and the other takes y. It seems like the software just takes the last available drive letter. if z is available it takes that and if not it moves up the letters until it finds the next available letter.

I suppose you could use something to reserve from z - l then it should take k as the drive letter but I have not tried it.