CentOS on MyBookLive

I have always liked to experiment with different computer stuff. I currently have an email server/DNS server running on my mybook live. I want to try to install an entirely new operating system, but i first need a way to back up the old one in case i want to go back. Is there a way to clone the entire drive to a different drive, or if i install fresh debian lenny and run the unbricking thing; will it go back to normal? 

Is the MyBookLive 32bit?

Hi, be careful since this might brick the My Book and void the warranty. There are some post on the community that might help you, check on the one on the link below as an example. 


well, you seem like an advance user and also aware this is running Debian Linux.

So yes, you can clone the disk with any Linux compatible commands and/or utils. If you need to remove the HD first, depending the route you select, as mentioned before, it will void you warranty.

And to get back to original default state from WD, there are quite a few debrick guides such as this one.


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After digging into it a little more, I realized that this is running the PPC version of debian, and I have no way of installing a new operating system on the disk at this point in time. I would have really liked to install CentOS for the fun of it, but I have hit a roadblock.