Re-install the entire Debian OS on the My Book Live

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I just want to ask if there is a way to re-install the entire Debian OS on the My Book Live. I mean to set it as it was out of the box.

The Full factory default (performed via the Dashboard) does not clean up the programs and the scripts that where modified via SSH. 

I was wondering if this is possible so, after playing around installing some software to try them out, it is possible to roll the system back the entire way. 

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Absolutely, the script in the following guide will overwrite the os partitions with a fresh factory firmware of your choice. I recommend guide 1 because if you accidentally lock yourself out of being able to SSH into the drive, the reset button will still run the script and get you back to a virgin OS and re-enable SSH access in the process.


Thank you very much!

It worked like charm!

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Your welcome :slight_smile:

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