Can't setup a clone backup between 2 fresh new mycloud : invalid remote password

I’ve got 2 new 8TB my cloud WDBCTL0080HWT-EESN WD My Cloud 8 TB

with firmware 2.21.119

it seems to be the same bug than here :

here’s the bug : i’ve activated SSH, FTP
i want to setup a job to clone from one drive to the other
and when i need to browse destination folder, i’ve got the error “invalid remote backup password”.
If i don’t put the right password, i’ve got an RSYNC test failed. If i put the right password, i’ve got this error “invalid remote backup password”.

I tried to manually rsync through ssh, it works. It seems to be a GUI bug error preventing to correctly browse the drive to create the job.

I’m really annoyed by this as i bought them for 600 euros, and i cant make a clone automatically !!

Please help me, is it a config issue or a bug in the firmware ?

Best Regards

Apparently you can’t use another MyCloud as a remote backup target; it has to be a Mirror or above. Crazy, I know.

Couple of questions. Are both My Cloud units on the same local network?

What username and password are you using, both for SSH and for FTP on the destination My Cloud unit?

Generally for SSH access you use root as the user name and then the password (default is: welc0me unless its been changed).

Generally for FTP access you would use the User and password created through the My Cloud Dashboard on the destination My Cloud unit. And make sure the User on the destination My Cloud has Full Access permission if the destination Share is configured as a Private Share.

It should be noted that the v2.x version single bay My Cloud unit do not support being a remote backup server (on a remote network) even through the remote backup option may be available under Backup in the My Cloud Dashboard. The remote backup server is available on My Cloud Mirror and better units.

Ok i see it’s due to firmware limitation, that’s very frustrating

so i did an rsync manually though ssh, it does work

i wanted to put it in cron, with crontab -e

every modification i do is removed after reboot

is there anyway to prevent this ? how to modify crontab so it stays after reboot ?


Do a search for cron to find several discussions on how to try and possibly get around this issue with the second gen v2.x single bay My Cloud units. Here is one such discussion:

I suppose one could always download the GPL firmware for the v2.x single bay My Cloud ( and roll their own firmware that includes the cron job or other edits to facilitate backing up from one v2.x single bay My cloud to another v2.x single bay My Cloud.